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English and Foreign Languages University

The EFL University is a multi-campus Humanities university with 3 campuses, with its main campus in Hyderabad. The university combines a dual approach – training and research. The university has 7 Schools and 26 Departments. The Foreign Languages division offer courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish from zero-level to PhD. The thrust areas covered in the postgraduate and research courses are language, literature, linguistics, methodology, culture and civilisation, and translation. The programmes are of two kinds: full time and part time. 11 foreign languages apart from other humanities courses are taught through various programmes of the University. It offers 10 (3-year) undergraduate, 18 (2-year) postgraduate and 20 Diploma programmes annually. All the Schools offer (5-year) research programmes. The academic programmes service over 4500 students.

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